Damon Albarn has passed his driving test at the age of 53 and splashed out on a £65,000 Range Rover.

Damon Albarn

Damon Albarn

The Blur and Gorillaz star reportedly decided to finally get his driving license to make life easier for himself when he travels between his west London home and his country pad in South Devon, where he stayed during the coronavirus lockdown.

Damon's pal told the Mail on Sunday: “Damon loved his time in Devon during lockdown and would love to spend much more time there.

“But getting there on public transport would be a nightmare, so he decided to take the plunge and finally learn to drive himself around.”

The 'Parklife' hitmaker - who has an estimated net worth of £10 million - passed his test after going out driving with his long-time partner, Suzi Winstanley, with whom he has 21-year-old daughter Missy.

Meanwhile, Damon previously shared how he purchased his remote Devon farmhouse in south west England with his “ill-gotten gains from 'Parklife'".

He said: “It was the first time I ever had any money and it was the first thing I ever bought.

“Everyone’s been telling me I’ve been mad for years. Why did you buy this remote farmhouse in the middle of nowhere? But now everyone thinks I’m a genius.”

The Britpop legend recently admitted he prefers the country lifestyle to city life and has been making friends with all the locals.

He shared: "I got to know all the local people – the butcher, grocer, fishmonger. That's really where I see myself now."

And Damon revealed he built a studio in his barn as soon as lockdown struck.

He shared: "It was enough to keep on working."

The 'Song 2' hitmaker also discussed the challenges of lockdown.

He said: "I’ve really got my head round it as a way of existing, and it has its pitfalls, like any other form of existence. But if you have a bit of self-discipline, you can be incredibly productive."

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