Daisy Ridley learned how to be a doula during lockdown.

Daisy Ridley

Daisy Ridley

The ‘Star Wars’ actress hasn’t been able to work throughout the past year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and so used her free time to take a course in how to be a doula, which is a trained companion who supports their clients before, during, and after childbirth.

Explaining what she’s been up to during quarantine, she told ‘The Graham Norton Show’: “I did a course on how to be a doula. It was a really amazing thing to do and so beautiful. It was great, but I’m not actually going to do it. But, I would love to support someone have a baby.”

And although the 28-year-old would love to help support people on their journey to having children, she previously said admitted she still isn’t used to being recognised in public, and finds it “really uncomfortable” when people approach her in the street.

She said: "Really uncomfortable. I’m not used to it. For the most part people are being really nice, but I’m not a small talk kind of person. It’s like, I’m not your hero, you like the character I play. But I’m getting better at it. I also have really good friends. They’re incredibly defensive, in an amazing way. I was in a supermarket with two of my friends a while back - I was really tired, it was in the morning - and this person started to approach and they just went, ‘No, not today.’ I was like, ‘Thanks guys.'"

Meanwhile, Daisy recently said she has vowed not to use sites like Facebook and Instagram so she doesn't experience the negative effects of being associated with it.

She added: "I have managed to separate my personal life well from my professional life, partly probably because I’m not on social media. The statistics that link them [social media sites] to anxiety are terrifying. I have friends completely addicted to their phone who have suffered with this problem."

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