Daisy Lowe has lavished praise on her "handsome" boyfriend in a heartfelt anniversary message.

Daisy Lowe and Jordan Saul (c) Instagram

Daisy Lowe and Jordan Saul (c) Instagram

The 32-year-old model has recalled the first time she met Jordan Saul in an Instagram post marking their one-year anniversary.

Alongside a series of throwback photos, Daisy wrote: "A year ago today I went to meet @misstilda for a walk on the Heath…. But I was running a little late- Mercury was in retrograde [laughing emoji] when I arrived, Monty ran straight towards a very handsome Belgium shepherd, attached to this handsome dog was a rather handsome man. I dawdled around having some dog chat… we ended up walking together for a couple of hours, what a dog walk!

"Here we are a year later, through countless lockdowns, adventures, disasters and triumphs. You @jordanjaysaul have been my hero. Through and through. Thanks for feeling like home & always making me giggle even when I really don’t want to! It’s my absolute favourite making you laugh so much your legs give way…. (sic)"

Daisy admitted that her lateness on that summer day has already transformed her life.

The brunette beauty said: "I am very happy I was 5 mins late to meet Tilds that day & I am so very grateful you are mine. Happy anniversary my pain in the a**. I love you [heart emoji] (sic)"

Daisy previously described Jordan as the "best play mate" in a birthday message on social media.

She said: "Happy birthday to my dearest @jordanjaysaul thanks for being the best play mate, for always keeping our ship sailing smoothly & for making life just make more sense.

"There's no one in the world like you, your weird sense of humour, your intuitive nature with the animal kingdom, you seem to know absolutely everything ( I know I test this theory a lot) & you do have the most beautiful heart... (sic)"

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