Cynthia Nixon didn't think she'd win the election to become the Governor of New York because it was too "big a mountain to climb".

Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon

The 52-year-old actress "tried" her best but lost the Democratic primary to her rival, Andrew Cuomo, back in September (13.09.18) but she still views her candidacy as a "victory" because she was able to offer the residents of the state alternative suggestions in how things should win.

Asked if she ever felt "at any point" she could win the election, Cynthia admitted she hadn't because Andrew spent £25 million on his primary campaign - ten times more than she did - and she knew she couldn't compete against that.

Speaking at the Vulture Festival Los Angeles about her democratic loss, she said: "No [I didn't think I would win]. I hoped I would win.

"I tried to win. I'm proud of how much money [Cuomo] had to spend. It's a big, big, big mountain to climb.

"I think Andrew Cuomo doesn't like other Democrats. [Cuomo] doesn't like to pay for things. It's why he won't fund schools or rescue the subway."

"Just being able to get out there and say, 'We could do so much better in New York state, and here's how,' and actually having that message really fly because of how much coverage we got, I think that was a victory.'"

The first-time candidate had ran on a progressive platform with her focus on subjects including legalising marijuana, supporting single-payer healthcare and fixing the city's subway system.

When she first announced her plans to run for office, the former 'Sex and the City' star - who has children Seph, 21, and Charles, 15, with former partner Danny Mozes and son Max, seven, with wife Christine Marinoni - insisted it was time for more minority groups to be leaders.

She said: "Women have to lead and speak up.

"I just think we need to have more people of colour and women and LGBT people not just represented -- but leading.

"If we want to fix our world, they know what's wrong with it because they've been on the short end of the stick."

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