Cuba Gooding Jr. is in the "craziest situation" he's ever been in after being charged with groping a woman.

Cuba Gooding Jr

Cuba Gooding Jr

The 'Jerry Maguire' actor has pleaded not guilty to charges of forcible touching and sexual abuse in the third degree in connection with an alleged incident at a nightclub in June but he's still hopeful the case will be dismissed.

Asked if he still wants the charges to be dropped, he said: "Obviously... it's like, you know, the craziest situation of my life... but I got a support team around me. I got fans who love me and, you know, God's will be done."

While the 51-year-old actor will return to court for the next hearing in the case next month, he's trying to look ahead to the future and stay positive.

He told 'Extra': "All good, everything is all good, moving on, working on a new film now...

"Everything is a learning experience, everything is a growth experience. I turned 50 last year and now I am just going on to the second half of my life and continue to do good things."

And Cuba is very grateful for the supportive messages he's received from his fans.

He said: "It just shows me that you can never give up in life. You might have a dark day, but if you give up, you won't have the opportunity to rise again."

The 'People V. O.J. Simpson' actor previously insisted security video footage would prove his innocence.

He said: "I trust the system and the process speaks for itself. There's a tape that shows what really happened.

"I was at a club, I left, I met a bunch of people, said hello and took pictures and, you know, you have to have faith in what people say...

"In this time and age you have to let people speak for themselves and now I'm giving the process chance to do this."

Cuba also stressed that he had done nothing wrong.

Asked if there was any truth in the claims, he said: "No, absolutely not."

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