Conan O'Brien urged his viewers to "try and do what you love" as he said goodbye to late night television.

Conan O'Brien

Conan O'Brien

The 58-year-old comedian and chat show host bid farewell to his long-running programme 'Conan' after 11 seasons on Thursday (24.06.21), and he had some words of wisdom at the end of the episode.

He said: "My advice to anyone watching right now - and it's not easy to do, it's not easy to do, but try; try and do what you love with people you love.

"If you can manage that, it's the definition of heaven on Earth."

Conan provided plenty of laughs earlier in the night as he kicked off the episode with his final opening monologue.

He teased: "It's hard to say, it's our final show on TBS. I've done over 4,000 hours of television in my life.

"And every night, I always said, 'tonight we have a really great show.' And I have to tell you, I was often lying.

"But tonight - tonight we really do have a great show," he promised the audience. "And if we don't, what are you gonna do about it? Yeah, I'll be long gone."

Guests for the evening included Jack Black and Will Ferrell, with the latter jokingly giving some early tongue-in-cheek congratulations for his upcoming HBO Max weekly variety show.

He quipped: "Hey, Conan! Congratulations on an outstanding run on your HBO Max show.

"People will say six episodes isn't a lot, but you packed enough entertainment in them for eight episodes."

Actor and Tenacious D rocker Black remembered making his first ever late night appearance on one of Conan's shows.

He said: "I was scared as hell. I was petrified, I'd never been in front of a late night audience before, and you were so smart and funny and kind.

"It was the best way to like, enter the late night television world, and I will always feel a special connection with you and worship you."