Colin Jost remembers meeting Scarlett Johansson when he was just 23.

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost

The 'Saturday Night Live' star met his now-fiance on the sketch show in 2006, when he first started writing on the programme and he remembers how she was much more "mature" than him, despite being just 20 herself.

He wrote in his book 'A Very Punchable Face: A Memoir': "I got eight sketches on the show my first year, including one cold open and a parody of MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen, starring first-time host Scarlett Johansson. She has just turned 20 and I was 23, but in terms of status and maturing she was here [way above] and I was here [way below]. She claims that she remembers thinking I was 'cute', but I know what I looked like and that's not the word I would have used. 'Shaggy' would have been generous. 'Slovenly', more accurate. She said I had a grace and a smile that I've still never seen in any other human."

Meanwhile, Colin previously admitted he was "so scared" of marriage before getting engaged to the Hollywood actress.

He said: "I'm getting married and it's such a crazy thing. I was so scared of marriage for so long because every time I talked to someone who just got married, or was about to get married, is like, 'Oh my God, you got to do it ... What could go wrong?' Then you talk to someone who's been married for five years, and they're like, 'Don't rush into it ... you have your whole life ahead of you. Don't have kids. They're the worst.'"

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