J Cole's wife is pregnant.

J Cole

J Cole

The 34-year-old rapper - who tied the knot with Melissa Heholt in a secret ceremony in 2015, over 10 years after meeting at St. John's University in New York - revealed in the lyrics for his new track 'Sacrifices 'that Melissa is pregnant with their second child.

He sings: "I had nowhere to go, she gave me a place to stay. She gave me her heart to hold, I still got that sh*t to this day / She ridin' with me on the road, she ridin' with me in the A / Huggin' the block, huggin' the block, okay.

"She gave me the gift of my son, and plus we got one on the way. She gave me a family to love, for that, I can never repay / I'm crying while writing these words, the tears, they feel good on my face, hey."

The song is the last track on his 'Revenge Of The Dreamer III' album.

J and Melissa managed to keep their marriage secret until January 2016, when 'Creed' director Ryan Coogler accidentally let it slip during an interview.

During a live stream for #MLKNow the director asked: "How did getting married change you?"

When the rapper reacted in shock to the question, Ryan immediately saw his mistake and said: "I never interviewed someone before, my bad."

However, J insisted that he forgave him, saying: "That was like one thing to not do. But it's all good...They know now."

Although J, whose real name is Jermaine Lamarr Cole, rarely talks about his relationship, he did previously admit that being in a long-term relationship already felt like a marriage.

He said: "Marriage is just a relationship to me. In my experience, when you've been in a relationship for as long as I've been in one, there's no real difference. It's just a piece of paper that validates what was already real. In marriage you got to go through the same struggles as a relationship, that's if the relationship is real, because there's a lot of non-real relationships going on in the world right now. And I think that's just because of the day and age we're in, a lot of these relationships are taking place over text messages, it's not real substance. But when you got a real one, it's already like a marriage."

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