Claire Richards doesn't mind "a bit of airbrushing".

Claire Richards

Claire Richards

The 41-year-old singer has admitted that although she doesn't want her appearance drastically changed in photo shoots she doesn't mind when pictures are edited slightly to improve her appearance as "people are airbrushing their own photos" using social media apps.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, she said: "People are airbrushing their own photos on social media and I don't mind a bit of airbrushing its fine. Don't make my nose into a different shape, my boobs bigger or anything weird."

The Steps member is a fan of social media because it has helped her and her bandmates stay relevant and in touch with her fans, even though she has to deal with the occasional internet troll.

She said: "People say, 'Oh she can't sing' you can say a lot of things about me, but listen to the music I can sing."

Claire's solo album 'My Wildest Dreams' was released last year, but she is adamant that her individual songs are just a side project to Steps as she is firmly committed to the group - also made up of Ian 'H' Watkins, Lee Latchford-Evans, Lisa Scott-Lee and Faye Tozer - since they reunited in 2017.

She previously said: "I don't feel this is going to take anything away from Steps, it's very much an entity in itself.

"No single one of us is ever going to be bigger than Steps as a whole, I don't think.

"Everybody's been aware from the very start that this was my plan for the gap during albums. It's actually been very good this time because there hasn't been the shock. I don't feel like there's anything that can damage that now, we're in such a good place.

"We've been through our ups and downs and our difficulties but I don't think that's there any more. And we're all old enough and ugly enough to realise now that the only way to make it work is to be honest and be up front about everything."

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