Claire Richards won't "deny" herself her favourite treats.

Claire Richards

Claire Richards

The Steps singer - who has seen her weight fluctuate over the years" tries to eat a "sensible" diet but never deprives herself if she craves something calorific.

She said: "I've yo-yed between a size 20 and a 10 over the years but I've recently lost six stone and have kept it off through a sensible diet.

"That being said, life is too short to deny yourself all the time."

However, the 41-year-old singer - who has children Charlie, 11, and Daisy, eight, with husband Reece HIll - admits she can be "easily led" and it doesn't take her long to lose any resolve and indulge in her favourite things.

She wrote in a guest column for Closer magazine: "It's never easy when you're out for dinner with friends, trying to pick a healthy choice, and someone goes for the naughty option - it makes you want to indulge too...

"Some people are always going to choose the healthy option because they are very disciplined, and others, like me, are easily led and don't need an excuse to eat.

"There may be an element that you don't want to look too uptight in front of your friends, but really, I think it's a convenient excuse and nothing to do with friends at all.

"You can't blame them if you want that unhealthy meal. Even if my friend is ordering a salad, I'll be like, 'Well, I'm having a burger.' "

And it isn't just food that Claire can't resist.

She added: "I'm the same with alcohol. I'll spend the whole day saying, 'I'm not drinking tonight' and then as soon as someone offers me a glass of Prosecco, I indulge."