Christopher Biggins says COVID-19 restrictions stopped him from saying goodbye to his late friend Dame Barbara Windsor.

Christopher Biggins

Christopher Biggins

Barbara passed away in December at the age of 83 after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease and her close friend Christopher revealed he was unable to visit her in the care home where she spent her final days, due to restrictions in place amid the pandemic.

Speaking on 'Tonight with Dan Wootton' on GB News, he said: "She was in a home because Alzheimer's is a disastrous disease. Poor Scott [Mitchell - Barbara's husband], there has to be a point where they have to move somewhere because he couldn’t do any more than he was doing.

"We couldn’t go and say goodbye to her, I spoke to her on the phone but that was it."

And he went on to slam the English government over how they have handled the pandemic.

He said: "But I know actresses that are of a certain age who know that they’re not going to be here much longer.

“They don’t want to spend the rest of their lives running away from something that they don’t know anything about.

“I think what the government has done is they’ve lied to so many people. If Boris Johnson [Prime Minister] would tell us the truth then we would accept it for what is it.

“I’m very much a Tory, well this isn’t any other party at the moment. It’s frustrating the other thing of course who would want to be Prime Minister during this period.”