Christina Applegate says there's no "finality" to Cameron Diaz's decision to retire from acting.

Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate

The 46-year-old actress recently reconnected with her 'The Sweetest Thing' co-star, and though her friend decided to walk away from the movie business following her marriage to musician Benji Madden in 2015, she thinks the 45-year-old beauty could still have a change of heart.

Christina - who has a seven-year-old daughter, Sadie, with husband Martyn LeNoble - shared: "We ended up reconnecting and I've gone over to her house. We've gone hiking, she's made us lunch, Sadie has gone over there and played for a couple of hours and it's ... it's just so nice to be with her again. I've missed her very much."

Christina suggested that Cameron could make a return to Hollywood at some stage, even though she currently appears to be content in her retirement.

The 'Anchorman' star likened her pal's situation to basketball stars who have wrestled with their retirement decisions.

Speaking to People, Christina explained: "We're all doing what we're doing right now, and I'd say I'm semi-retired. So it's like, this is what I'm doing right now - but you can't really say.

"I can't speak for anybody else. You say stuff here, but ... you know. How many times have Kobe [Bryant] or Michael Jordan commented, and there's not finality to any of it, really."

Talk of Cameron's retirement was ignited earlier this year by Selma Blair, who also starred in 'The Sweetest Thing'.

In March, she recalled a conversation they had about the 2002 romance movie, ruling out the possibility of a sequel because Cameron was "retired from acting".

Selma said: "I had lunch with Cameron the other day. We were reminiscing about the film. I would have liked to do a sequel but Cameron's retired from acting. She's like 'I'm done.'"