Christie Brinkley has tried not to put "pressure" on her relationship.

Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley

The 62-year-old American actress and model - who is currently dating John Mellencamp - has admitted she has no plans to marry her new beau because they are just trying to let their love life flow naturally and simply enjoy spending time with one another.

Speaking about her romance with the 64-year-old musician, the blonde beauty told PEOPLE: "We're just trying to enjoy each other and not try to put too much pressure on it.

"You never really know what's going to happen. John and I are two people that have very full lives."

However, the Michigan-born star has revealed she was flattered when John first asked her for her number because she thought he was a "silent cowboy".

She explained: "It's always nice to hear that someone is interested."

And the mother of three - who has daughters Alexa, 30, Sailor, 18, and son Jack, 21 - has revealed she fell in love with her partner because they share similar interests such as oil painting.

She explained: "I could never paint in front of anybody. You don't want to be judged. But with John I don't have that feeling. It's just great to be side by side."

Meanwhile, Christie - who has been married four times - admitted it is hard to find love with someone her own age.

She previously said: "It seems like during this period that most of the guys are like 38, 39, 42, like that sort of age group.

"It's funny because I think that at that age they have nothing to prove. They're very confident and do just what they want to do. [With] men my age I feel quite invisible to them.

"I think a ten-year span is fine."

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