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Matt Crossick/Matt Crossick/Empics Entertainment

Matt Crossick/Matt Crossick/Empics Entertainment

On this week's celebrity gossip column, we have a naughty Love Islander boyfriend about to face jail time and Sir Tom Jones' encounter with a few nasty sharks. Of course, we also have the saddening news of Helen McCrory's death to cancer. My thoughts go out to her family and husband, Damien Lewis.

Dani Dyer's boyfriend could face jail after admitting to £34k scam

It wouldn't be a celebrity gossip column without at least one love islander or their partner causing upheaval. Dani Dyer entered the villa in 2018 and won the show with her then boyfriend, Jack Fincham. Long story short – Jack and Dani split; she started a new relationship with Sammy Kimmence and popped out a baby boy earlier this year.

Fast forward a lot of nappies, and few months, Sammy Kimmence is now facing a jail sentence. I know, didn't that take a turn?

Sammy reportedly posed as a financial investor and scammed two pensioners out of £34,000. He appeared in Portsmouth Crown Court on Monday to face the fraud accusations. According to The Sun, despite initially denying the charges, Sammy changed his plea at the very last moment.

Sammy first met the two pensioners when they were clients at an investment firm he used to work for. He allegedly falsely claimed he could provide financial services – even though the investment business had closed.

The 25-year-old pleaded guilty to the five counts of fraud and is expected to stand trial for the next few days.

The judge warned Kimmence that if he failed to attend the trial, there was a possibility it would go ahead without him.

Poor Dani and baby Arty, what a mess…

Helen McCrory dies at the age of 52 from cancer

Peaky Blinders and Harry Potter actress, Helen McCrory, died at the age of 52 after a battle with cancer. Helen's death came as a shock to many of us, as very few people actually knew about her illness.

Her husband and Homeland star, Damien Lewis, announced the news on social media and said he was "heartbroken" to lose such a "beautiful and mighty woman."

Damien and Helen got married in 2007 and had two children. During the pandemic last year, the two raised more than £1 million to support NHS workers with meals from high-street restaurants.

Helen's friends were reportedly "sworn to secrecy" about her illness. She underwent treatment and continued with charity work weeks before her death.

Peaky Blinders creator, Steven Knight, said: "Helen was one of the great actors of her generation. She was so powerful and controlled, and this is so sad."

Sir Tom Jones almost drowned in shark-infested waters

Sir Tom Jones recently revealed on Alan Carr's 'Life's A Beach' podcast that he almost drowned in shark infested waters back in 1980.

The 80-year-old hit singer said he was at a beach barbecue in Acapulco, Mexico, in 1980. He wanted to cool off, so he took a swim in the ocean. Sir Tom went on to say, "Me, schmuck, thought just over this dune is the ocean... so I wander off like a fool, and I look at the calm water and think it looks lovely out there."

However, once he got through the breakers and started swimming, he realised he could not swim back to the shore.

He continued: "I always used to take my jewellery off and put it in my man bag; for some reason, I didn't. I put my hand on my chest and still had this big cross and chain on.

"I put my hand on it and said, 'God, I'm desperate here. What do I do?' I was going to give up. I thought I'd take a load of water in and say good night."

A voice then came to him and said, "'If you think you can swim, now is the time to prove it.'"

So, he started to swim towards the beach, and the divine intervention came him the courage to "go like the clappers." He got caught in the breakers, did a few spins and thought, "surely, I'm going to be thrown on the beach and break my neck?"

Fortunately, Sir Tom landed on the beach safely. However, after surviving the near-death experience, Tom later talked to some more experienced swimmers. They reportedly said that the undertow would have continued to take him out to sea, and he should have swum left or right to make it.

Tom then found out the waters were also infested with sharks – so it really is a miracle he survived.

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