Carla Bruni had coronavirus tests “every three days” after her son contracted the illness.

Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni

The 52-year-old model-turned-singer took many precautions when her 19-year-old son Aurelian – who she has with former partner Raphael Enthoven – returned home from university and contracted COVID-19, but she still made sure she was screened for the virus “many times” before she mixed with other people again.

She said: “I stayed away and I cleaned the door handles and didn't have dinner and lunch with him.

“I made him eat in his room and it was not nice. I also opened the windows as much as we can …

"I've been tested many times because it was here and I had to go back to work, so I had to be safe, you have to be cautious. I did it every three days."

Carla is dismayed by the impact the global health crisis has had on the creative industries because of widespread closures and lockdowns.

She added: “I pray for this to stop, the fashion world is a disaster, the music world is a disaster ... Basically culture is not growing because we can't be together and watch. I can't believe what's happening in London, which is such a city of theatre, of shows.”

Carla is also mother to nine-year-old Giulia, who she has with husband Nicolas Sarkozy, and she admitted she found home schooling so difficult that she considered lying that their internet connection had gone down in order to get out of it.

She told HELLO! magazine: "That was difficult and shows how important our schools, or teachers, our instructors and all these wonderful people are, because I mean I couldn't do it. I almost pretended I had no wi-fi connection.

“We had a teacher online but it was so confusing, so much work, so much homework we had to help with.

"My sister’s children were here too, and they are four and 11, so it was a mess.

“You should have seen the living room, with different laptops, different schools and classes and the connection wouldn't work and the homework didn't arrive."