Carl Woods “can’t stand” Katie Price’s alter ego, Jordan, and insists he wouldn't have dated her if he'd met Katie at the height of her glamour modelling career.

Katie Price and Carl Woods (C) Instagram

Katie Price and Carl Woods (C) Instagram

The 31-year-old car dealer doesn’t think he and his girlfriend would have got on if he’d met her during her wild partying days because it isn’t a lifestyle he approves of.

He said: “In truth, if I’d met Katie a few years ago when she was going through that stage, we wouldn’t have worked out.

“If she was still her ‘Jordan’ alter ego, we would have clashed because I hate partying.

“I can’t stand the ‘Jordan’ thing. I think Katie probably struggled to let go of the ‘Jordan’ alter ego for a while.”

Although he’s 11 years younger than the mother of five, Carl insisted the age gap doesn’t matter.

He said: “People call me a toyboy but I’ve got an old head, whereas she has a young head, so we balance each other out.

“She’s a different person now and I’m really proud of how she’s doing.

“She’s an innocent girl inside, she’s just got a shell.”

While he’s not a fan of her Jordan alter ego, Carl admitted he had a crush on Katie as a teenager when she was still a glamour model using the stage name.

He told Closer magazine: “I’ve known her since I was 15 – she just didn’t know it then.

“I had about six posters of her on my wall.

“But it’s funny because the reality is even better than the fantasy, Katie is a lot more ‘me’ than the old Jordan would have been.”

Carl met Katie in July, five months after she’d checked into rehab after hitting rock bottom, and he claimed he knows nothing of the “bad place” she was in.

He said: “Everyone tells me she’s changed since she’s been with me and that I’ve made her happy.

“She had been in a bad place before she met me.

“I knew nothing about that time in her life when we first met, but it seems she’d lost her head a few times.”

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