Cardi B is "praying" her daughter makes a swift recovery after suffering a mosquito bite which triggered an allergic reaction.

Cardi B

Cardi B

The chart-topping rap star has revealed that two-year-old Kulture reacted badly to the bite from the blood-sucking insect, causing her eyes to swell and hindering her vision, but Cardi is hoping she'll soon make a full recovery.

In a voice message posted on her Twitter account, the 28-year-old star explained: "Guys, I'm so sad ... I'm just gonna tell you a little bit about my day. I am so sad because my daughter got bit by a mosquito again.

"I don't know if y'all remember last year, I think I showed you a bit how my daughter's eyes were so swollen because a mosquito bit her? Now, this year, a mosquito bit her and it swelled both her eyes - she could barely open one of them.

"I'm just so sad. Just looking at her face literally had me tearing, and her daddy almost cry as well."

Cardi - who recently announced she's set to have a second child with husband Offset - hopes that Kulture's allergic reaction will pass by the weekend, when she's due to celebrate her third birthday.

The 'WAP' hitmaker shared: "Gosh, her birthday is on Saturday and I'm just praying ... praying that her swellness goes down. Like, just praying.

"I feel like the last time, she had her eyes swollen for like a week. But I think it was because the mosquitoes kept biting her, so just keep reacting.

"I hope that her s*** goes down before her f****** birthday. But it just looks swollen, like ... I can't wait to take her to the ... well, I can't take her because I'm in LA working my a** off, but my sister is going to take her to see the doctor tomorrow."