Cardi B plans to write a song about "the struggle" of not having a driving licence.

Cardi B

Cardi B

The 28-year-old rap star has revealed she was forced to go to bed hungry after McDonald's made a mistake with her takeaway order and because she's not able to drive, she wasn't able to return to the restaurant.

Cardi - who revealed she was unhappy with her cheese-less cheeseburger - wrote on Twitter: "I’m not mad anymore cause I ate the fries .Im just mad at McDonald’s for doing that .I was finna throw that s*** on the wall.

"Just like that girl wrote a song about getting her drivers license Imma write a song about the struggle of not having a drivers license.I really wanted my McDonald’s at 4am last night instead of today but I couldn’t so I felt asleep hungry . (sic)"

Subsequently, one of Cardi's followers pointed out that she's a millionaire and could've easily "made it happen".

But in response, the 'WAP' hitmaker said: "Yea but I’m not going to call my driver at 4am like “ hey are you sleep ? Yea I bet you are,anyways can you get up and get me a cheeseburger from McDonald’s? [crying emoji] and the Set was knocked out! So I had no choice but to eat air. (sic)"

Despite not having a licence, Cardi previously got behind the wheel of a car to shoot an episode of 'Carpool Karaoke' with James Corden.

The chart-topping rapper took a driving lesson with the TV host, but complained she wasn't suited to his Range Rover.

Cardi - who actually owns numerous luxury cars even though she can't drive - said: "This car is, like, very big for me … It’s not for a girl."

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