Caprice thinks celebrities should step out of the spotlight if they're struggling with fame.



The 49-year-old model, businesswoman, actress and designer has urged people in the public eye to "be grateful" and warned how fleeting fame can be.

She told "It really makes me crazy if some celebrities are complaining about their position. OK, you know what? Don't do it!

"Take yourself out of the public eye and trust me, they'll forget you tomorrow! If it's that horrible then just don't put yourself out there. Nobody's forcing you - be grateful, for God's sake."

The US star - whose full name is Caprice Bourret - was born in California but now lives in London, and considers herself an honorary Englishwoman.

She added: "I am so grateful for everything that has happened and especially for England - England has given me this opportunity.

"I came over here, I was a foreigner, and within six months - England has been so good to me. I mean, now I think I'm English.

"I was born in America but when people ask me, I say I'm English, and they're like 'No, you're American'. OK yeah, I was born in America, but..."

Meanwhile, the star's By Caprice Home range has continued to go from strength to strength, and the autumn/winter 2020 bedding collection has continued its remarkable success.

However, she admitted to feeling "guilty" focusing on positivity when this year has been so tough for people around the world.

She said: "During this time I feel guilty saying, 'Yeah we're doing OK'. I'm so, so thankful for that. But unemployment's gone up, it's a really tough time.

"But during these times, one thing that a bedroom needs - you don't need the side table, you don't need the lamp, the flowers, the new wallpaper, the new carpet.

"I swear to you, all you need is a good, glamorous bedding set and it brings your bedroom to life and it works!"

By Caprice Home is available from major retailers including, and

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