Caprice has "banned" her sons from following in her footsteps and launching showbiz careers.



The 47-year-old model - who has five-year-old Jax and Jett with husband Ty Comfort - wants her boys to lead a more stable life and is determined to keep them out of the spotlight.

She said: "They're the lights of my life - nothing in this world can make me happier than my boys. But I'm not sharing them with the world, I don't show their faces on social media or expose them.

"They won't be going into the spotlight, it's banned. The showbiz world is an unstable business and it's hard on the ego. You've got to be mentally strong. It'll be school, university, and then law school for them."

Caprice - who struggled to conceive and eventually fell pregnant at the same time as her surrogate - wishes she could have had more children.

She added: "Now that I have two children, I wish I could have had seven. I love being a mum more than anything. We went skiing as a family recently and I was standing on a mountain, watching my kids ski with Ty and I just thought, 'This is when I'm at my happiest."

While Caprice is very happy with Ty, she wishes she'd settled down earlier in her life.

She told Closer magazine: "If I could tell my teenage self two things, the first would be, 'You shouldn't have dated some of the guys you dated'. And the second would be to have children earlier. I should have started looking for Mr. Right at around 32 or 33 instead of going out with millions of toyboys then only starting to look properly at 39. Ty is my best friend in the whole world, I love caring for him and hanging out with my man. He's my favourite person."

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