Candice Swanepoel admits raising two young children is "pretty intense".

Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel

The 29-year-old model has admitted to being rushed off her feet trying to raise her kids Anaca, 23 months, and Ariel, 11 weeks - but the South African beauty is also relishing the challenge.

She said: "It's pretty intense, but it's amazing. To see the love between them is amazing. It's a lot, I'm not gonna lie. The second one is a lot easier, but the situation of having two makes it harder."

Despite the stresses, Candice - whose long-term partner is Brazilian model Hermann Nicoli - revealed that her daughter is already very well-behaved.

Speaking to People, she shared: "My second one is an angel. He's like, 'Mommy, I know you don't need more stress.'"

Candice previously admitted that she wants to have a "bunch of kids" - but said she would leave her future in the hands of fate.

She shared: "I don't plan too much into the future. I believe a lot in destiny and that what happens - you can try to manifest certain things, but I definitely do want to continue having a great career and building my family as well because I'm really loving that. I definitely want to have a bunch of kids."

Despite the pressures of parenthood, Candice has admitted she relishes the challenge of raising her children.

She said, too, that she actually enjoyed the experience of being pregnant.

The model - who is best-known for her work with the Victoria's Secret brand - previously gushed: "It's such a mixture of feelings. It's amazing though - I'm loving motherhood. I loved my pregnancy too, all the different stages."

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