Jimin "paid his arrears in full" after his apartment was seized.

BTS star Jimin paid his debts as soon as he found out about them

BTS star Jimin paid his debts as soon as he found out about them

The 26-year-old K-pop star - who is best known for being part of boy band BTS - reportedly had his apartment temporarily seized due to unpaid health insurance premiums but the band's managers have now explained that the star was "unaware" of his debts and paid them "as soon as he found out."

A statement from Big Hit Music obtained by Soompi read: "Regarding this matter, the company is the first to receive all mail that arrives at the artists’ dorms, and in the process of relaying it to the artist, a portion of the mail was omitted by mistake. Due to Jimin’s activities abroad starting at the end of last year, his extended period of rest, and his scheduled activities abroad after that, he was unaware of matters such as [his premiums] being overdue. As soon as he found out, he paid the arrears in full."

The statement went on to explain that the situation regarding the 'Butter' hitmaker has now "been resolved" and the management team apologised for the "concern" they gave to fans with their negligence.

The statement added: "At present, the situation has been resolved. We apologize for the fact that we have given the artist and fans cause for concern due to our company’s negligence."

It comes just days after Jimin - along with his co-stars Jungkook, V, J-Hope, Jin, RM and Suga - announced details of their hotly-anticipated comeback, set to take place in June.

Along with a 12-second video that aired during BTS‘s final show of their 4-day concert BTS Permission to Dance on Stage in Las Vegas, a phrase appeared that read: "WE ARE BULLETPROOF, 22.06.10."