Brooke Mueller has checked into a "trauma centre".

Brooke Mueller

Brooke Mueller

The 41-year-old former real estate agent - who has received professional help on numerous occasions for drug addiction - is said to be doing "very well" in her latest attempt to tackle her substance abuse problem.

Her spokesperson confirmed to People magazine: "Brooke has voluntarily checked herself into a trauma centre on the East Coast and is under the care of professionals."

And a source added: "Brooke has been in a trauma centre for the past few weeks and is doing very well."

Brooke and ex-husband Charlie Sheen's 10-year-old twin sons, Bob and Max, are currently being cared for by their grandparents while their mother is in the facility.

The source said: "The twins are doing fine and are living with their grandparents during this period."

News that Brooke has sought treatment comes after footage - which was supposedly captured a year ago - was published by Page Six featuring her preparing to smoke what appeared to be crystal meth inside a van.

In the clip, she held what seemed to be a drug pipe and asked the person filming her: "Just how am I gonna wake up tomorrow, and who's gonna drive me?

"That's why it had to be you guys. That's why I thought you guys were doing it. I'm not gonna be able to wake up with -- this is what you don't get. I'm not gonna be able to get on the plane."

It was claimed in July that Brooke's family wanted her to go into rehab as they were concerned she had relapsed.

A source said: "Her family wants her to go to rehab but can't force her. If it were up to family, she would go back."

Brooke decided to check into rehab in 2017 after she was found walking barefoot and looking confused near a bar in Salt Lake City in Utah with the twins.

Her sister, Sydney Wolofsky, said at the time: "She was in the hospital for a little bit. I do know she woke up in the hospital after detox and my mom asked her what she wanted to do at this point, and she was the one that said, 'I want to go back into rehab, and I want to stay there for a while.'

"It was definitely her decision [to go to rehab]."