Brandi Glanville has been suffering a "weird depression" caused by "mould poisoning".

Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville

The 46-year-old reality star recently had to leave her Los Angeles home after discovering an infestation of black mould and though she was worried she was having a "mid-life crisis", she's feeling much better after relocating.

She said: "I've had this weird depression because of mould poisoning in my house. I had brain fog, memory loss and depression. I was really miserable. It was in the air, in the floors.

"I thought I was having a midlife f***ing crisis. I was having anxiety about leaving my house. Now I'm so clear headed ... I upped my antidepressants because I've been a mess and I didn't understand why. But now after leaving that house, I feel like a new person."

Brandi - who has sons Mason, 16, and Jake, 12, with ex-husband Eddie Cibrian - is currently embroiled in a "fun" relationship with a retired soccer player but insisted there's nothing serious between them.

Speaking to New! magazine, she said: "I'm dating a retired soccer player. It's not serious, he's going through a divorce. It's just sex right now, so that's fun.

"I want to have somebody in my life but I don't really want to share my space. I've been living with just my boys for so long. Maybe I'll change my mind but it's difficult. I don't want to be that old lady with cats. I don't even like cats. That would really suck for me."

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