Boy George owns around 300 hats - but gives them to charity when they are used.

Boy George

Boy George

The Culture Club frontman and 80s icon is known for his quirky taste in headwear and has revealed just how many oversized headpieces he has.

However, once he has worn them a few times he quite happily donates them for a good cause.

Asked how many hats he has while appearing on UK TV show 'This Morning' on Monday (17.07.17), he said: "Probably 300. They get farmed out. When they start to fade or lose a bit of their shine I give them to charity. People ask me for things for auctions and hats are usually popular."

The 'Karma Chameleon' hitmaker then joked that he has a rather large head.

He laughed: "These are really oversized, but I know that I've got a big head."

Despite being known for his style, the 56-year-old singer insists he's not really into fashion as he believes it is for rich people.

He previously said: "My whole thing is really about wearing things that other people wouldn't wear or having stuff made that is especially for me.

"I am not really into fashion. Fashion is about money. Fashion is about prestige, isn't it? My thing is more about personal style."

Meanwhile, George used to "get dressed up" to go to bed but ditched his pyjamas after reading an article that suggested he would rest more soundly if he wasn't restricted by clothing.

He once said: "I used to get dressed up to go to bed and then I read this thing online that said you sleep better if you sleep naked so I sleep naked ... and alone.

"When I was younger I used to hate going to bed, but now I love going to bed. I like going to bed early now, get up early."