Billy Porter has praised Tiffany Haddish as "motherly".

Billy Porter

Billy Porter

The 50-year-old theatre star and actor stars with Tiffany in the upcoming comedy movie 'Like a Boss', and has said he was surprised by how much of a motherly role the actress took on during filming, as she cooked Sunday dinner for her co-stars every week.

Asked what fans might not know about Tiffany, Billy said: "How motherly she is. She is very motherly. We had Sunday night dinners every week at her house, [and] she did [cook]. We brought things too, but she cooked every Sunday night."

Billy and Tiffany also star alongside Rose Byrne and Salma Hayek in the flick - which follows two friends who build a successful beauty company, before their friendship is tested by a buyout offer - and Billy has praised all his co-stars for being "so open and so giving".

Speaking to People Now, the 'Pose' star explained: "Tiffany, and Rose, and Salma are just broads, and I like a good broad. A good showbiz broad. And they are so funny and so open and so giving, and it was so fun to work on a film that's so much about female empowerment. In this era to be included in that sort of support system of making sure that kind of story is pushed to the forefront is really powerful, and I'm really excited."

Meanwhile, the star recently announced he is set to make the move into directing, as he will make his TV directorial debut on an episode of the upcoming third series of the FX drama 'Pose'.

He said: "I've been directing for 20 years in the theater, and I'm directing an episode of season three myself. I'm trying to be the head b***h in charge, hunny!"

'Like a Boss' is set to hit cinema screens in January 2020.