Billie Eilish's pet pooch makes her life "1000x better".

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish

The 'when the party's over' hitmaker celebrated her pitbull Shark's first birthday, where she shared a carousel of videos of her puppy to mark the milestone.

Taking to Instagram, she shared: "my sweet rescue baby boy was born a year ago today ... you have made my life 1000x better happy birfday little shark ... (& if you’re thinking about fostering or adopting ... this is your sign) (sic)"

Meanwhile, Billie confessed she bought 70 boxes of cereal in lockdown.

She shared: "I don't know what things cost because I've never been an adult before. And, you know, I grew up with no money. It's a really weird position I'm in. I feel kind of stupid because I'm like, I don't know how much Froot Loops are. I tried to order one box of Froot Loops and I was like, Oh yeah, sure. It's 35 dollars. I didn't know that that’s expensive. I ordered 70 boxes."

And the 19-year-old singer struggled with her own body image.

She added: "To be quite honest with you, I only started wearing baggy clothes because of my body. I was really, really glad though, mainly, that I’m in this place in my life, because if that had happened three years ago, when I was in the midst of my horrible body relationship - or dancing a ton, five years ago, I wasn’t really eating. I was, like, starving myself. I remember taking a pill that told me that it would make me lose weight and it only made me pee the bed - when I was 12. It’s just crazy. I can’t even believe, like I - wow. Yeah. I thought that I would be the only one dealing with my hatred for my body, but I guess the internet also hates my body. So that’s great."