Camila Morrone was a "big Belieber" when she was younger.

Camila Morrone

Camila Morrone

The 22-year-old actress - who is dating Leonardo DiCaprio - was a huge fan of Justin Bieber and was desperate to appear in one of his videos, but never got any response to the audition tapes she submitted.

Camila - who is the daughter of actors Lucila Polak and Máximo Morrone - recalled: "I'd go to every audition with [my parents] and sit in the waiting room.

"I would pass time looking at Justin Bieber on my phone. I was a big Belieber. I sent in audition tapes to be in his movies. I recorded myself singing 'One Less Lonely Girl so I could be one of the fans in his documentary. I dropped off my DVD at the post office, and I never heard back."

The 'Mickey and the Bear' star had to share a kiss on camera in her first acting role and she was so nervous, she fainted before the scene.

She admitted to W magazine: "The first job that I booked was a small role in James Franco's film 'Bukowski'.

"I had to make out with a 13-year-old kid. I think it was his first kiss. I was 15. I became so nervous on set that I actually fainted when James Franco came to direct me."

Camila once dressed as a "sexy ghost" for Halloween but not only did she not look as good as she'd hoped, she had a disaster when the costume caught fire.

She said: "I was a really sexy ghost covered in a white duvet, with two holes for my eyes. At the party, all these girls were dressed in lingerie - sexy bumblebee, sexy nurse - and I was in this massive duvet. It actually caught on fire and then I had to take it off. So I was a sexy nothing."