Barry Gibb has hinted he had sex in ‘Doctor Who’s Tardis the night he met his wife.

Barry Gibb

Barry Gibb

The Bee Gees legend sparked an instant connection with Linda Gray when they met on the set of chart music show ‘Top of the Pops’ and they sought refuge in a famous prop from another BBC show when they wanted some intimate time together.

He told Mojo magazine: “She’d become the hostess, because Samantha Juste had just left and married Mickey Dolenz.

“She was the hostess for one week, the week ‘Massachusetts’ was number one. And she’d never heard of it.

“We just saw each other across the room and something happened.

“And, um, we had a bit of a cuddle in Doctor Who’s Tardis, surrounded by Daleks!”

Meanwhile, Barry admitted he’s grateful he was never as much of a megastar as the late Michael Jackson, because he felt the ‘Thriller’ hitmaker lost all connections to being a “normal” person.

He said: “I got to know Michael Jackson pretty well. I noticed how lonely he was.

“He’d lost the ability to trust anybody. That’s what that kind of fame does.

“You don’t believe that anybody wants to be your friend without a reason.

“You look for the unconditional love, but it’s not there at that level of fame.

“So Michael travelled around visiting people who were famous like him, just to be able to relate to somebody else.

“I know he used to go and see Marlon Brando quite a bit.

“He would just walk into famous people’s houses, and he felt comfortable doing that."

Barry thinks Michael became "lonely and isolated" at the peak of his success.

He shared: “We spent weeks together, I got to know him pretty well, and he was very lonely and isolated.

“He would sit in my lounge dressed as if he was going on stage.

“It had basically taken over his whole life. He didn’t know how to be a normal person any more. He wished he was somewhere else, or someone else.

“I never had that kind of fame. I managed to keep my distance, love, and raise my kids and basically keep my sanity to some extent. That’s probably my best achievement.”