John Travolta was "encouraged" to embrace baldness by Pitbull.

John Travolta

John Travolta

The 65-year-old actor - who previously shaved his head in 2010 for his role in 'From Paris With Love' - caused a sensation when he showed off his shorn pate in January and admitted he wasn't prepared for how popular his Instagram photo would be but now he's enjoying the new look.

Appearing on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' alongside his daughter Ella Bleu, guest host Lena Waithe said: "Your hair was famous. You had a beautiful mane. You posted a picture of your bald head and it went viral."

John replied: "I was not expecting that to go viral. It's just a haircut. The last time i went this viral was when I mispronounced Idina Menzel's name.

"It's so much easier. I did a movie called 'From Paris with Love' and I got used to it. It was not a total shock.

"I also became friends with Pitbull and both he and my family encouraged it."

Appearing on the show to promote their joint new movie 'Poison Rose', 19-year-old Ella recalled how her dad left her feeling embarrassed when her crush Taylor Lautner - who played Jacob in the 'Twilight' movie series - visited their house.

She said: "I've always been Team Jacob and before he came over, my friends and I were looking at pictures of him. It was all research.

"Then the first thing my dad says to him is, 'Oh, she was just looking you guys up on the internet.' "

But John - who also has eight-year-old Benjamin with wife Kelly Preston - insisted there wasn't anything embarrassing about his comment.

He said: "Wouldn't he be flattered that Ella is looking him up?"

John and Pitbull have been good friends since the rapper provided the soundtrack to the actor's 2018 movie 'Gotti'.

John previously spoke of their friendship, saying: "I listen to Pitbull. He is my man. I love my Pitbull. He told me he wanted to be part of it. I said 'Oh my God, we would be so lucky to have you to be part of this.' He wrote a beautiful song called 'Amore,' which is at the opening and at the end of the film."