Bad Bunny isn't "used to fame" yet.

Bad Bunny hasn't accepted fame yet

Bad Bunny hasn't accepted fame yet

The 27-year-old star - whose real name is Benito Ocasio - has won a string of awards and was recently named Spotify's most-streamed artist of 2021 but he admitted he still can't comprehend how much of an impact he's had around the world, and he thinks that has kept him "humble".

He said: "I still haven’t gotten used to being perceived on this incredible scale. I still don’t understand how people see me, or how I can possibly impact so many people. And maybe this is good. Maybe not understanding my reach helps keep me humble. It helps keep me the same Benito that I was growing up. The one that created art just because he was passionate about it."

Before shooting to fame, the 'Yonaguni' singer had a job packing groceries at a supermarket in Puerto Rico but never let his persistence and passion for music fade.

He told Highsnobiety: "I was making music and working at a supermercado. I always kept making music. And I did it with passion. At that time, I never made music with hopes of leaving my job. I did it because I loved making music."

Since finding fame, the 'Volvi' hitmaker has released three albums within a nine month period and starred alongside Hollywood legend Brad Pitt in 'Bullet Train' - but revealed the only pressure he feels is from himself.

In explaining his Bad Bunny alter ego, he said: "Bad Bunny represents a dream come true. It represents the freedom to do what I always wanted to do. To be the person I always wanted to be, or maybe the person I always was, but that the world didn’t fully understand. I don’t feel pressure from the fans or anything else.

"The only pressure I feel is from myself. And really, I wouldn’t even call it pressure. It’s a drive to create something new….I always ask myself, ‘How can I entertain and surprise people with something new?’ And that’s the pressure, but it’s a positive internal pressure."

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