Sir Patrick Stewart is an atheist - but "believes in energies".

Sir Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart

The 75-year-old British actor doesn't believe in organised religion but he and his spouse Sunny Ozell place a great importance on "positive vibes".

Singer-songwriter Sunny said: "We are both atheists but we definitely believe in energies, and trying to leave with a positive vibe."

Patrick added: "We do believe in positive. The personal as well as public and worldwide importance of optimism, confidence, assurance and interest."

And the 'X-Men' actor thinks "attitude" is very important when working on a new project and does his best as the lead in new TV show 'Blunt Talk' to "set the tone" for his crew and co-stars.

He said: "From everybody not just from fellow actors, but from directors to the attitude among the crew is very important. That is why with this series, 'Blunt Talk', where I have the leading role, I look on it as being my responsibility in part to set the tone and the mood and the atmosphere, whether it is relaxed, cheerful, fun and very hard working.

"If you are the leading man, or leading lady, take that on, otherwise at your peril."

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