Aston Merrygold has suggested his former JLS bandmates won't be involved in his wedding.

Aston with JLS

Aston with JLS

The 30-year-old singer proposed to long-term girlfriend Sarah Richards - the mother of his five-week-old son Grayson - in December and they are hoping to tie the knot this year, but it seems he's got other people in mind for key roles in the big day instead of Jonathan 'J.B.' Gill, Marvin Humes or Oritse WIlliams.

Asked if the rest of JLS will be ushers, he said:" I've got some of my best boys from my hometown that I've known since I was five.

"It totally depends how many people are in the bridal party. You're always going to disappoint some people."

Aston is preparing to embark on a solo tour and insisted he doesn't miss sharing the stage with his bandmates, though he could do with the company of the rest of the 'Beat Again' hitmakers during the long stints of travelling between shows.

He said: "It's a weird one because when you're performing you don't really notice anyone else.

"The only time I really miss the guys is if I'm taking a long flight somewhere. When you have some of your best friends there, you're only ever going to have a good time so I miss the banter the most."

JLS have no plans to reunite, but they are happy to socialise with one another withut having to worry about their work.

Aston told OK! magazine: "Everything now is built on reunions but for us there are no plans.

"It's nice that we're in a space where we see each other all the time because we want to, and not because we have to.

"We've put JLS aside of our accord and we can go out for dinner and don't have to think about work. We're a real family.

"We've got a WhatsApp group with the wives and us - it's nice."