A$AP Rocky believes in aliens.

ASAP Rocky

ASAP Rocky

The 30-year-old rapper is convinced he's part of a generation that will make contact with extra-terrestrial life and admitted he has "so many questions" for other worldly beings.

He said: "I mean, sometimes I sit back, and maybe you can blame it on the weed and s**t, but I think this generation will be the one that could discover extraterrestrial life."

Asked what he'd say if he met an alien, he added: "I would ask so many questions.

"But if aliens want a definitive statement of human life, I'd just say take a look at me -- I'm quite the motherf***er, I must say."

The 'Everyday' singer also claimed he took LSD under the laboratory conditions of a neuroscientist while working on 'Praise the Lord' with Skepta as part of the expert's research.

He explained to the September/October issue of Gentleman's Journal magazine: "This scientist wanted to see the conditions of our brains when we were writing these song on LSD.

"It was a wild new way to do things" -- testing in every sense of the word."

When it comes to becoming successful, A$AP advises would-be entrepreneurs to be true to themselves and express "all the parts" of who they are.

He said: "People need to be dynamic nowadays, and weird and different is in. Kids understand that. That's the new world, the new economy. Don't be derivative.

"I don't know what to tell anybody out there because it'll sound like some corny motivational s**t. But all I can do is be me the most, and hope they do the same.

"I got a goofy side, I got a cool side, I got a handsome side, I got a nerdy side, I got a ghetto side, I got an elegant side, I got an eloquent side, I speak in ebonics...

"There's so many factors that make me as a whole, but I'm not afraid to express all the parts that make me who I am. So, in other words, be your f***ing self, and the rest is pretty easy."

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