Though her seventh studio album Chemtrails over the Country Club only dropped a month or so back (March 19th, 2021), Lana Del Rey has been working hard on even more new music and has now announced the upcoming release of her eighth record.

It’s of course exciting news for her fans, but a lot of them have been taking to social media to poke fun at the artwork.

There’s even been a petition set up to ban the singer from using the photo editing app, Picsart.

What we should all be focusing on however, is whether or not the new tracks will be any good!

We’ll all find out on July 4th. May the odds be in her favour!

Meanwhile, the NHS App started to trend when it was revealed by MP Grant Shapps that it would be used as the proposed vaccine passport.

There are plenty of people against the idea, and they aren’t afraid of taking to their own Twitter accounts to let their feelings be heard.

This just adds to the pressure that is currently mounting against the government, following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s alleged comments about “letting the bodies pile high in their thousands” during an explosive discussion about the third British lockdown.

He is also said to have wanted to let the virus “rip” through the population ahead of agreeing to a second lockdown.

Then of course, there’s also the discussions surrounding his refurbishment of the flat in Number 10 Downing Street.

Something tells us this isn’t just going to be swept under the carpet, as the PM and his aides seem to be hoping for…

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