Anwar Hadid wowed Dua Lipa by cooking traditional Middle Eastern food for her amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Anwar Hadid and Dua Lipa

Anwar Hadid and Dua Lipa

The chart-topping pop star has revealed that Anwar, 21, impressed her with his culinary skills during the lockdown last year, cooking a tasty maqluba - a dish that includes meat, rice and fried vegetables - for Dua.

Speaking about her lockdown experience, the 25-year-old singer shared: "Quarantine in general could make or break a relationship but we have both been so good at giving each other space and then also being with each other when we want to be.

"We work really well together and he has just been amazing. And actually, it has just been the best thing for us with all this unexpected time. I have meant to go on tour and we got all this time to spend together."

Prior to the lockdown, Dua wasn't fully aware of her boyfriend's culinary skills.

She said: "What I did learn is that he is a brilliant cook and really good in the kitchen, so that has been amazing. He makes this really good Palestinian maqluba, which is like an upside-down dish with aubergine and lamb. It takes three hours, but is perfect."

Dua and Anwar spent the first part of the coronavirus crisis at her home in London, but were in Los Angeles over Christmas.

And the loved-up duo have recently welcomed a new figure into their lives - a puppy called dexter.

Speaking to Hits 1 radio about their new puppy, Dua - who has been dating Anwar since mid-2019 - explained: "I am so in love. He is so sweet, so cuddly and just wants to hang out and play. He is the best."