Amy Schumer celebrated her 40th birthday alongside friends and family over the weekend.

Amy Schumer's birthday cake (c) Instagram

Amy Schumer's birthday cake (c) Instagram

The comedy star has taken to Instagram to post a series of behind-the-scenes video clips from her celebration, with one video revealing her husband Chris Fischer serving her a tasty-looking cake that featured a sarcastic message.

The cake read: "I'm leaving you. This was the only way I could think to do it."

Amy was joined at the birthday bash by her friends and family, and her two-year-old son Gene.

The stand-up comedian - who married Chris in 2018 - captioned her Instagram post: "My [cake emoji] 40 (sic)"

Amy and Chris have been going through a period of adjustment over recent months, after their nanny left her position to focus on her studies.

The loved-up couple have subsequently tried to fill the void at home, but in March, they joked about their chaotic lifestyle without childcare.

In a social media video from inside their messy kitchen, Amy quipped at the time: "Actually, like we were worried about not having childcare but we're actually like doing really well - and I think we're a lot more capable of a lot more than we realised we were."

Meanwhile, Amy previously admitted to loving married life, even though their relationship hasn't changed over the years.

The Hollywood star explained: "I feel exactly the same as before I was married – but I’m psyched. I love him.

"Like, I’m f****** ... it feels like having a partner. It feels like not being alone."

Amy also admitted that their romance is different to anything she's previously experienced.

She said: "I can’t believe I dealt with any of that b******* before! This was like, oh my God I f***** love this person, and I admire him, and we’re a team and he was ready."

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