Amy Schumer has had "the best" time at home with her son amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer

The 'Trainwreck' star is thankful she and her husband Chris Fischer have been around with 20-month-old Gene for so much of the last year and she thinks her influence on the little boy is already showing.

She gushed: "It's the best. We have chosen to do no screen time except for about 90 minutes every day when he watches television. I actually did the Today show today and he and I showed how he knows how to hail a taxi.

"He's so good, and he's starting to talk in full sentences. He doesn't say any words but he has a lot of conviction. He's basically me, because he uses his hands a lot."

Amy turns 40 in June and she's "excited" about hitting the milestone birthday.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I feel really good. I'm excited to turn 40. 'm not worried about aging. I've never really been celebrated for being, like, young and hot, so I"m not worried about anything.

"I'm excited. I think I'm just getting started, and life's getting better."

Meanwhile, the comic has shot a commercial for Hellmann's which will air during the third break of the second quarter of the Super Bowl next month and she's looking forward to seeing how Gene reacts to her being on TV.

She said: "It's going to be exciting to watch the game and be like, 'Hey, there's the commercial!'

We'll just watch it here on the TV. I hope it's not on during our son's nap. This will be the first time he's seen me on TV, and I think he'll be really confused."

The advert is aimed at inspiring people to get creative with food that would otherwise have been wasted and Amy is thrilled to be involved.

She said: "My character, she's kind of magical. And she really doesn't like food waste.

"And the slogan-- I don't say this in the commercial but I really love this - 'Make taste, not waste,' that's their whole philosophy. So, nothing annoys this character more than somebody wasting food.

"Peter Farrelly directed it, and that was a total dream, and my friend, Will Blagrove, is in the commercial.

"It's exciting, and I love the company. I love that they're doing so much ... to promote the knowledge about food waste. I didn't really know that food was such a problem before the pandemic. I found out that 40 percent of all food in America is wasted. Forty-three percent of the food in our own home, we throw away."

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