Amber Rose thinks her engagement ring has been stolen.

Amber Rose

Amber Rose

The 34-year-old model has been forced to involve the police after she discovered that the glitzy piece of bling her ex-partner Wiz Khalifa gave her more than six years ago when they were dating is no longer in her wardrobe at her home.

According to TMZ, Amber filed a police report last week with the Los Angeles Police Department when she went rummaging through her bedroom storage to find an unrelated item when she realised the ring was no where to be seen.

Amber has claimed the last time she laid eyes on the piece of jewellery - listed as being worth $150,000 - was last month but she's unable to give an accurate date on when it went missing because she always has staff coming in and out.

The blonde beauty is understandably upset as she has reportedly told the police that she was keeping the ring to give her and Wiz's son Sebastian, five.

Amber's police report comes less than four weeks after Wiz's house in the San Fernando Valley was broken into by two men wearing hoodies.

The criminals broke some glass and entered the abode at around 4.45am on August 25, but a member of his team was present and they fled the scene.

Police are said to still be investigating the incident, but no property seemed to have been stolen and the only damage was the broken glass.

The attempted burglary came just a day after another celebrity home was hit by an intruder in Los Angeles.

Christina Milian and her partner M. Pokora lost jewellery and watches worth over $100,000 when their house was broken into at around 1pm on August 24.

And earlier that week, Bella Thorne scared off a would-be intruder at her San Fernando Valley home when she heard someone break a window from outside.

When she opened her door to investigate the noise, the person fled the grounds and when she called police, they were unable to find the burglar.

Two weeks ago, John Mayer saw his Beverly Hills home targeted by thieves.

The 'Gravity' hitmaker's house was said to have been "ransacked" when burglars got in through an upstairs window while no one was home, and made off with around $100,000-$200,000 worth of music equipment and personal items.