Alicia Vikander insists her sex scenes are filmed in one take.

Alicia Vikander

Alicia Vikander

The 31-year-old actress feels "lucky" that any intimate moments she's shot on screen have been very "technical" and thinks her request not to repeat any of the filming has led to everyone on set being focused on getting the job done perfectly.

She told Britain's Harper's Bazaar magazine: "I'm lucky to say that all of my sex scenes throughout my career have been nothing but technical.

"I probably did my first sex scene at 20 and it's always been technical, as it should be; it should never be anything but technical.

"I tell the crew it's a one-taker. That way, everybody on set is on point, because you have to get it done in one take. Like a dancer, we [choreographed it] the same way."

And the 'Earthquake Bird' star thinks her insistence on the scenes being carefully laid out and prepared beforehand leads to everyone feeling more "comfortable" about a moment that is "super strange and uncomfortable".

She added: "I think that's the way to do it because then everyone feels comfortable and then hopefully, although it is super strange and uncomfortable, a little magic comes through [the] lens and people will be convinced."

Meanwhile, Alicia - who is married to Michael Fassbender - is looking forward to reprising her role as Lara Croft when work begins on 'Tomb Raider 2' next year.

She said: "We'll start filming some time closer to spring summer next year. For me, to spend four months in one place has only happened about three times in the last ten years - and it happened while I was filming Tomb Raider in Cape Town, and I started to feel at home for because I went to work and was off on weekends, so it was wonderful to have that experience."