Alicia Silverstone's son has "never" needed "medical intervention".

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone

The 'Clueless' actress believes nine-year-old Bear - who she has with ex-husband Christopher Jarecki - is "such an example of health" because he's never had to take antibiotics and she thinks he's a great example that a "plant-based" diet doesn't mean someone is deprived of the nutrients they need.

She said: "He's such an example of health. This is a child who is plant based.

"To never have needed antibiotics in nine years and to never have needed any kind of medical intervention... Most kids have so many ear infections, they're taking medicine all the time. I'm not saying I wouldn't give it to him... I'm saying he doesn't need it.

"This is a kid who's been [sick] twice in his life. Twice. For, like, a few hours. He said, 'Mommy I don't feel good. I'm going to lay down. In his whole life, twice. He can get a snot nose, but he's still climbing trees.

"He's just so healthy. I just want to share that with the world. So people can see that a plant-based baby is really healthy... It's not like they're just doing OK. They can do better."

The 44-year-old star recently revealed Bear had had his long hair cut short, but she thinks he'll be growing it again after his trim.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "We went home together, we got in bed, and we were both looking at each other like something had happened. It was like a new person.

"He's so great and he seems fine... His hair is growing back in and it's very cute. His hair will be back to his waist soon, I'm sure, in no time."

The youngster makes a brief appearance in his mom's new movie, 'Sister of the Groom', and will also feature in the second series of her Netflix series 'The Baby-Sitters Club' because Alicia wanted to make sure he was able to go to work with her.

She explained: "Because of COVID rules he can't come unless he's in it, so they put him in it... He plays the youngest child's best friend.

"All I wanted was to be able to bring my baby to work. We have to support working mothers, too... I'm not going to leave my kid for months. That's just not happening. Out of the question."

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