Alicia Silverstone says her son has "never had to take medicine" - and she credits veganism with keeping him healthy.

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone

The 42-year-old actress has seven-year-old son Bear Blu - whom she has with estranged husband Christopher Jarecki - has never been sick enough to need medicine in his life, and believes the reason he's so healthy is because she's raised him on the vegan diet that she has followed since she was 21.

She said: "He's never had to take medicine in his life,. He can get sniffles and a runny nose but he's not down, he still goes to school. Two times in his life has he been like 'Mommy I don't feel good,' and it was only for a few hours and he was back running around."

Alicia also reminisced on the first time she spoke about her diet - which cuts out all produce that comes from an animal, including meat, dairy, wool, and leather - on television, as she recalled how people would think she was "an alien" for her beliefs.

She said: "I remember when I would go on David Letterman and go on Jay Leno and they'd be like 'Vegan?! What's a vegan?' And they would just make a whole fun riff on it because it was like I was an alien, no one was talking about being vegan on television."

Two decades on from when she first spoke about veganism, the 'Clueless' alum has written two vegan cookbooks, one of which contains a recipe for her mother's granola, which Alicia considers her guilty pleasure.

Speaking to New York Post's Page Six, she said: "I can't keep it in the house. I let Christopher [Jarecki] have it at his house. I'll make it and then give it to him because if it's in the house, I can't stop eating it."

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