Alicia Silverstone has asked for a private judge to help settle her divorce.

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone

The 'Clueless' actress filed for divorce from Chris Jarecki - the father of her seven-year-old son Bear - in May after 11 years of marriage and it seems they have been unable to make an agreement on the terms of their split.

Documents filed by Alicia and obtained by The Blast state the 42-year-old actress is still locked in negotiations with the 45-year-old musician - who she revealed she had separated from two years before filing for divorce - with "all issues in dispute" so has requested court assistance to settle the matter.

In the new paperwork, the actress confirmed she and her estranged husband will split the cost of hiring the private judge and stated the official's main objective will be to secure a "signed judgment".

The 'American Woman' actress - who is seeking joint custody of Bear - previously admitted her and Chris' priority since the "heartbreaking" split is to co-parent their son.

She said: "Obviously, it's heartbreaking. You don't ever think you'll be apart when you get married. All I can really say is that we'll co-parent Bear together, and this is completely a good thing for both of us."

And though she's currently single, Alicia would still love to have another child.

She told Working Mother magazine: "I've always wanted another kid. But I also wanted to space them out because I love being with Bear. I have always dreamed of having a little girl, but of course I wanted another little Bear too.

"So whatever happens, if it happens, is good by me. I'm not in a relationship, but there are other ways to make babies.' "

And the publication noted: "Not off the table: asking Bear's dad for an assist."

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