Alicia Silverstone has “saved” her son’s hair after he had his long locks cut.

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone

The 'Clueless' actress revealed last month that her nine-year-old son Bear had decided to chop his flowing tresses to a shorter style, and she has now said she has kept all the hair that was cut from her son’s head, so that she can save it “forever”.

Speaking to ‘Access Hollywood’, she said: “It was down to his waist. He buzzed it. He took it off. I saved [the hair] to be saved forever. He’s adorable and he’s happy, and it’s all good. He’s adorable with hair, he’s adorable without hair.”

And Alicia, 44, also said the haircut was a “big growing up moment” for Bear, as she confessed the new look was “hard to adjust” to at first.

She added: “It’s a big growing up moment for a mom because I didn’t realise how when they talk their hair off, how much it changes [them]. He looks like a kid instead of my baby. These are things that are hard to adjust to but wonderful. People get to make decisions for themselves and grow and fit into themselves, right? It’s pretty amazing.”

The actress previously debuted her son’s new look last month when she revealed she “cried inside” at the loss of his long hair.

She wrote on social media at the time: "Yes, It’s true. Bear cut his hair!! My baby’s growing up.

“I miss his hair!!!!! Was it his decision? Yes. Did I cry inside as I watched him get it cut? Maybe… but did I try to stop him? Not for one second. The reason he chose to keep it for as long as he did was because he loved it so much!!! He just wanted to try something new.

"Although I have a feeling he’ll find a way back to his long hair again in the future.

"No matter what though, I will always support my sweet, caring, and precious little boy in every decision he makes. (sic)"

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