Alicia Keys has a "two week rule" with her husband.

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz

The 39-year-old musician - who has sons Egypt, nine, and Genesis, five, with her partner Swizz Beatz - refuses to go more than a fortnight without seeing the 41-year-old hip hop artist despite their busy careers which sees them touring the world.

Speaking on the 'Happy Place' podcast, she revealed: "In the book, I talk about my husband and I. We have a two week rule that we can't go more than two weeks not being together. Which, after trial and error, we figured out that's too long. It creates a certain energy that we don't wanna have."

However, host Fearne Cotton suggested that maybe after being stuck side-by-side through lockdown that maybe they could push it to a month apart.

But Alicia quipped: "Hell no!"

It's not her husband who has been testing her patience during the global health pandemic as her kids being home from school has taken away her daily routine.

However, the 'Girl on Fire' hitmaker has realised that it is easier to let them go wild in the house as they don't have the "social outlet" they would get with their friends at school.

She explained: "I have to give them some credit. Considering it's totally different and they don't get to have that social outlet. And they don't have that ability to go ballistic and crazy with their friends, which is a large part of what makes school great. They're doing all right.

"I have had to have moments to myself where I'm like, 'Lighten up, Alicia. Calm down!' You're trying to keep all this structure with all this stuff happening. And then, all of a sudden I'm like, 'Why did you just spend all that time when you could of gotten so silly with them and it could of been happier?' "