Alicia Keys turned to meditation to help her navigate motherhood.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys

The 'No One' hitmaker - who has Egypt, 10, and Genesis, six - recalled how she felt her "spirit was shot" after she became a mom and so she turned to meditation to help her through it.

She explained: "Like so many new moms I was exhausted, but the depletion was more than physiological; my spirit was shot. I needed to do something so I could continue to be a good mother to my children, partner to my husband, and friend to myself."

And on her first experience of meditation, she added: "I have to be honest: The first time I tried the meditation, I was so tired that I fell asleep. But the second time, I felt a little spark. I really liked the mixture of chanting, singing and movement. Between the chanting and the singing and the rhythm and the meaning of these ancient words, I discovered a sense of peace and comfort.

"I started to notice a richer connection with myself, an ability to go deeper. After years of silence I could hear myself, trust my instincts, know what I wanted, know what I needed and not feel so insecure."

Alicia was glad she was able to make such a "deep connection" to herself through the practice.

Writing for USA Today, she shared: "Once you make that kind of deep connection with yourself, your relationship with everything and everyone around you changes. As I'd hoped, I became a better mother because I was more confident in myself. I could hear what I needed and what my family needed. Same with my relationships with my husband, my mother and definitely my work. Now I could be crystal clear, powerful and strong and not back down because I had a way to access my own intuition."

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