Alexandra Shipp looks to the zodiac for help when it comes to dating.

Alexandra Shipp

Alexandra Shipp

The 'X-Men: Apocalypse' actress believes in astrology and she would never romance a man who was born between March 14 and April 14, making them a Pisces, because she doesn't think they're compatible with her own sign, Cancer.

She said: "In terms of dating, I have everyone - except for Piscean men - the benefit of the doubt. Pisces women, however, are my favourite on the planet."

The 27-year-old actress - who previously dated actors David Anders and James McAvoy - attributes a lot of her personality traits to her star sign.

Speaking to ELLE magazine, she said: "I'm a Cancer, so I'm such a sensitive, emotional person - just a wreckage of tears and laughter.

"And when I'm working, I live alone, away from everyone I love, and that can drive you crazy."

The 'Love, Simon' actress has a "great support network" of female friends, including former co-stars Awkwafina, Lucy Hale, and Katherine Langford and she loves getting together with them because they all boost one another.

She said: "I have a great support network of women, where we come together, drink wine, and talk about how to make each other better. It's a beautiful coven community."

Alexandra's most high-profile role came in 2015 when she got the part of Storm in 'X-Men: Apocalypse' and she recalled how amazed she was to be appearing alongside the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender.

She recalled of a cast dinner to kick off filming: "Sophie Turner and I were just eating these oysters and truffle mac and cheese looking at each other like, 'Who gave us these jobs?' "

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