Alex Reid was shocked to discover that he was "practically infertile".

Alex Reid

Alex Reid

The 45-year-old mixed martial artist opened up about how he discovered his low sperm count as he and his fiancée Nikki Manashe were trying to have a baby.

Alex explained: "Me and Nicola have had a lot of challenges conceiving a baby. We've been trying for seven years and have had several miscarriages.

"We had my semen tested. I had 20,000. That's practically infertile because you should have 20 million just to be able to conceive."

Alex believes his lack of fertility was down to "bad life choices" such as drinking too much coffee, and revealed he boosted his sperm count by taking care of his health.

The reality star explained on his YouTube channel: "I made some bad life choices. I was taking certain supplements and drinking a lot of coffee, it was bad for fertility.

"With a lot of research and what I should and shouldn't be taking I managed to increase my semen from 20,000 to 77 million in three months. I was 100 per cent good and felt stronger in every single way."

Meanwhile, Alex - who was formerly married to Katie Price - previously revealed how he suspected that human beings were created by alien race, as he suggested that the human race was used by aliens as slaves in order to harvest gold and keep their planet alive.

He explained: "They came down to planet Earth because the atmosphere on their planet needed gold, the element was needed to protect their atmosphere from dying.

"So they came here, a very advanced civilisation, and were like gods to the primitives that were here then. They decided to make a slave race of the cavemen here to serve them."