Adam Lambert has likened himself to Harry Styles.

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert

The 37-year-old singer thinks the 'Watermelon Sugar' hitmaker is "really f***ing cool" and praised Harry for "doing his own thing".

He said: "I love Tame Impala, I think King Princess is super dope. I love everything that Harry Styles is doing I'm like, 'Whoa! This is really f***ing cool!' This is an artist I like that's sort of doing his own thing, not following a bunch of trends, not getting sucked into people-pleasing, it sounds like he's doing it for himself and I think that's a similar path that I'm on."

And when it comes to his own music, Adam doesn't feel he has a "set style".

He added: "I don't tend to have a set style, I always like being inspired by something like my dad's crazy record collection, and remembering the stuff that was played around the house ... I started recognising that some of my favourite contemporary artists that I was listening to, were all referencing the past in a really beautiful way and I was inspired by that."

And Adam admits it was "a little bit like unchartered territory" when he first joined the music industry as a queer man and it was "also a bit scary".

Speaking to the Spring / Summer 2020 issue of Rollacoaster Magazine, he shared: "It was a little bit like unchartered territory, and it was exciting because I knew that it was a change, but it was also a bit scary ... The queer movement in music is like a whole niche now, it's this whole thing and what I love is that it's both a niche like a sub-category but it's also mainstream."