Adam Clayton has opened up about his struggle with mental health issues.

Adam Clayton

Adam Clayton

The bass guitarist for U2 admits he "relied too much on alcohol and other things" in the height of his addiction but says the root of the problem came from a "mental issue".

He said: "I relied too much on alcohol and other things to get me through. I pretty much had a eureka moment. I was fed up of the way I felt constantly. In my particular case, it was difficult for me not to go, 'You've got a great life, what's wrong with you'. Eventually I got fed up with feeling fed up.

"Eventually a few friends who'd been through alcohol and drug treatment said, 'You can get over this, you can feel better'. At the root of addiction, certainly in my case, was a mental issue. It's how I approached the day. I was able to get help and revise my thinking and turn that around. I'm a much happier bunny now."

The 56-year-old musician also helped to dispel some of the stigma surrounding mental health, reminding people it is a "curable" illness.

He told RTE's 2FM: "If someone is feeling a little bit strange and they have a mental health issue, it is curable.

"It is not something that you have to live with for the rest of your life. It is not something that will stop you being part of the workforce. But you do have to talk to people about it and you do have to get help. And you can recover."

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